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"From the beginning, the search for the best terroirs has been at the heart of our job. My commitment is to identify and select the best producer, through his knowledge and the quality of his terroir, until we take over for you.

When we have to combine several terroirs, it is because they bring an aromatic signature for a unique taste.”

For two generations, the Guillemin family has been growing red berries on their farm. Raspberry,

blackcurrant, redcurrant and newly an exceptional fruit, "the Tayberry", symbolizes the terroir

quality. In this way, they carry on the company history where it began, on the Val Evel hills in

Brittany. However, La Fruitière du Val Evel is also present worldwide, in direct relationship with

producers, chosen for their irreproachable fruits quality and their remarkable origin soils.

This long-term relationship and our mutual confidence is your quality guarantee.


In 2016, installation of the cold High Pressure Processing shows our commitment to use an ultra

innovative and performant process, with as objective to offer to all professionals a wide choice

of premium quality purees, completely natural and intact thanks to addition or not of a few cane


At the heart of taste

Taste guides our choices and our action: the demanding selection of orchards and varieties, the

research of rare fruits, the creation of original aromatic signatures, the careful transformation of

the fruit, and the unique addition of cane sugar. That is why "INSPIRATIONTASTE" was newly

created to regroup and to express at its best the aromatic profile of each fruit puree and to

suggest you numerous and creative associations of taste.

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